Department Of Water And Sanitation Contact Details Cape Town

By | December 9, 2021

Department Of Water And Sanitation Contact Details Cape Town, We provide all Cape Town’s residents, business and industry with clean, safe drinking water and treat wastewater. This involves many diverse responsibilities ranging from the management of water catchments areas and water storage to the treatment of wastewater and its safe disposal back into the environment.

During a non-drought year, we supply about 900 000 m3 of water to customers daily – enough to fill Cape Town Stadium to its rooftop every two days or fill 360 Olympic sized swimming pools! Following the successful implementation of water restrictions, pressure management and the water saving efforts of Cape Town’s residents, we are currently supplying about 510 000 m³ of water to customers daily. 

Every month we read and bill from more than 650 000 water meters on city properties. Each year our maintenance teams provide approximately 8 500 new water connections and respond to 3000 pipe bursts.

Our other services include:

  • treating water to ensure that it is safe to drink
  • ensuring excellent quality of our water;
  • maintaining our water supply systems;
  • providing water and sanitation to informal settlements
  • saving and recycling water;
  • managing water catchment areas, rivers and stormwater systems; and
  • regulating water use and preventing pollution that threatens our water and stormwater system

We are responsible for servicing the water infrastructure in Cape Town, valued at R58 billion, including:

  • 3 major dams (Wemmerhoek, Steenbras Upper and Lower) and 8 smaller dams;
  • 12 water treatment works;
  • 25 bulk reservoirs;
  • 400 pump stations;
  • 23 wastewater treatment facilities;
  • 3 marine outfalls;
  • 38 maintenance depots; and
  • 20 000 km of pipes in the water and sewer reticulation network.

We work to the highest standards and have received a number of awards for providing some of the best drinking water in the country, the quality of our wastewater treatment, the lowest water losses of all metropolitan areas in the country, and the excellence of our systems. Watch our video or downloadWater Services and the Cape Town Urban Water Cycle to find out more about how we provide quality water and sanitation services to all.

Contact us

Contact the 24-hour Corporate Contact Centre to report an issue such as:

  • burst pipes and water leaks;
  • faulty water meter;
  • blocked and overflowing sewer;
  • pollution to stormwater and river;
  • illegal use of water (dampening of building sand, hosing down paved areas, watering outside stipulated hours, tampering with water connections);
  • missing or stolen manhole cover; and
  • damaged or vandalised communal taps or toilets in informal settlements.

24-hour Corporate Contact Centre

  • Telephone: 
    0860 103 089 (choose option 2: water-related faults)
  • SMS: 
    31373 (max of 160 characters)
  • Email:
    [email protected]
  • Whatsapp: 
    063 407 3699

Account enquiries

  • Telephone: 
    0860 103 089 (select option 1)
  • Email: 
    [email protected]
  • Whatsapp: 
    063 407 3699

Development enquiries

Planners, developers and consultants can request information on water and sanitation service capacity or as-built information for developments. Researchers, institutions and students can also request information for analysis, research or other applications. 

Please note that security controls are in place regarding the type and extent of information that can be provided, as well as the use of the information.