Department Of Science And Technology Call For Proposals

By | December 18, 2021

Department Of Science And Technology Call For Proposals, The Department of Science and Technology seeks to boost socio-economic development in South Africa through research and innovation. To achieve its goals, the Department provides leadership, an enabling environment and resources for science, technology and innovation.

Call for Proposals (Closed)

TitleAttachmentStart DateEnd Date
DST Overseas Visiting Fellowship AdmissionsDownload (105.5 KB) 15/02/201906/04/2019
Sustainable & Innovative Technologies in Agriculture(AGRO-TECH) Under the Scheme Technology Development ProgrammeDownload (372.54 KB) 29/03/201915/04/2019
Scheme for Young Scientists and TechnologistsDownload (5.07 MB) 12/03/201920/04/2019
2019 BRICS Calls for Proposals for Multilateral R&D ProjectsDownload (652.77 KB) 05/02/201929/04/2019
CHORD (NSTMIS) Scheme: Call for Proposals (2018-19)Download (379.36 KB) 07/02/201930/04/2019
WTI Call 2019 Research Technology Innovation on nexus of Water with Energy Food and HealthDownload (877.63 KB) 14/03/201915/05/2019
Call for proposals under DST-IC IMPACT, Indo-Canada joint research programmesDownload (690.23 KB) 18/03/201931/05/2019
Global Cooling PrizeDownload (470.09 KB) 01/01/201930/06/2019
Call for Joint Project Proposals 2019 – India-Czech Bilateral Scientific and Technological CooperationDownload (459.9 KB) 18/03/201931/07/2019