Department Of Housing Local Government And Traditional Affairs

By | December 10, 2021

Department Of Housing Local Government And Traditional Affairs, The Department of Developmental Local Government and Housing (DDLG&H) is in the business of facilitating service delivery by municipalities in the North West province. This means that the DDLG&H supports and monitors municipalities in the implementation of important services such as housing, water and sanitation, electricity, waste management.

The department’s planning and implementation of its strategies and policies is informed by the provincial and national priorities. These include strategic objectives, challenges and other focus areas emerging from municipalities in the province.

Key implementation focus areas within the departmental programmes include, but are not limited to, the rollout of Community Development Workers programme (CDW), enhanced support to improve the financial performance of municipalities, implementation of the Municipal Finance Management Act, implementation of the Comprehensive Human Settlement Strategy and the 5-year Local Government Strategic Agenda.

In addition, Local Economic Development strategy and projects, Land Management, Integrated Development Planning, revision of the North West Spatial Development Framework, capacitating municipalities to manage disasters and the mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues.

The department’s continued focus is to implement programmes and projects in a manner that will enable the government to accelerate service delivery, local transformation, development and change so that democracy becomes more meaningful to our local communities.

The DDLG&H is structured in line with the following programmes:

Programme 1: Administration

  • Office of the MEC
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Legal and Auxiliary Services

Programme 2: Housing

  • Housing Asset Management
  • Housing Performance
  • Urban Renewal and Human Settlement Redevelopment
  • Housing Planning and Research

Programme 3: Developmental Local Government

  • Disaster Management and Fire Services
  • Municipal Finance
  • Municipal Administration
  • Integrated Municipal Service

Programme 4: Development and Planning

  • Development Administration
  • Integrated Development and Planning


To create a viable developmental local government and sustainable communities


To establish, coordinate, support, monitor and evaluate through a skilled and service-oriented staff local government that is developmental; and sustainable human settlements.


The department has adopted the following values:

  • The provision of service in a cost effective manner
  • The provision of service in a transparent manner
  • The provision of service timeously
  • All services will be rendered within the spirit of the Constitution and other enabling legislation
  • All services will be rendered in an effective manner
  • All services will be rendered in line with the Batho-Peleprinciples
  • All staff must be empowered through learnerships and training so as to become change agents