Department Of Defense And Military Veterans South Africa

By | January 20, 2022

Department Of Defense And Military Veterans South Africa

The initiative of establishing the Department of Military Veterans forms part of the government’s commitment to support and recognize Military Veterans for their contribution to bringing about the realization of a peaceful, democratic and prosperous South Africa.


A dignified, unified, empowered and self-sufficient military veterans’ community.


To facilitate delivery and coordinate all activities that recognize and entrench the restoration of dignity and appreciation of the contribution of Military Veterans to our freedom and nation building.

Who is a “Military Veteran”?

According to the 2011 Military Veterans act, a military veteran is any South African who rendered military service to any of the military organisations, former statutory and liberation armies, which were involved on all sides of South Africa’s liberation war from 1960 to 1993; served in the then Union Defence Force before 1961 or became a member of the SANDF after 1994 and has completed his or military training and no longer performs military duties, and has not been dishonorably discharged from his or her respective military organization.


Mail address:

Private Bag X943

Physical addresses:

Pretoria (Head Office)
328 Festival Street
Hatfield, Pretoria

Eastern Cape (Provincial Office)
35 Terminus Street, Caxton House,
Quigney, East London