University Of Cape Town Department Of Social Development

By | December 14, 2021

University Of Cape Town Department Of Social Development, The department offers professional education and training in a range of social service fields. Social Work is historically the foundational professional programme and has been taught at the University of Cape Town since 1924.

Today the Department of Social Development (formerly School of Social Work) is one of the largest of its kind in Southern Africa.

In addition to social work, the department offers a wide range of education and training in the social service professions such as:

  • Social Policy and management;
  • Social Development;
  • Probation, Correctional and Forensic practice and
  • Clinical Social Work

Social work and related social development services are declared a scarce skill in South Africa and with the existing pool of qualified professionals extremely limited, there is an increasing demand from government and non-governmental sectors for social work and social development graduates.

The Department’s core academic programmes benefit from contributions made by cognate Departments such as Psychology and Sociology.