The Department Of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises

By | December 14, 2021

The allocation of work of the Ministry of Heavy Industries entails promoting the engineering industry viz. machine tools, heavy electrical, industrial machinery, and auto industry and administration of 29 operating Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) and 4 autonomous organizations.

The CPSEs under the Ministry are engaged in the manufacture and in consultancy and contracting services. The CPSEs under the Ministry manufacture a wide range of products Boilers, Gas/Steam/ hydro turbines, industrial machinery, turbo generators, three-wheelers, tractors, and consumer products such as paper, salt, tyres, and watches.

The Ministry also looks after the machine-building industry and caters to the requirements of equipment for basic industries such as steel, non-ferrous metals, power, fertilizers, refineries, petrochemicals, shipping, paper, cement, sugar, etc. 

The Ministry supports the development of a range of intermediate engineering products like castings, forgings, diesel engines, industrial gears, and gearboxes. The Ministry also administers: 

  • Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) set up in 1966, and ARAI — Forging Industry Division, (ARM-HD) Pune, Maharashtra set up in 2006, 
  • Fluid Control Research Institute (FCRI), Palakkad, Kerala set up in July 1987, to cater to the needs of the flow industry for calibration, 
  • NATRIP Implementation Society (NAT’S), set up in July 2005, for guiding the implementation of the National Automotive Testing and R & D Infrastructure Project (NATRIP), 
  • Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) *
  • National Automotive Board (NAB) set up in 2012 to steer, coordinate and synergize all efforts of the government in the automotive sector. 

The Ministry maintains a constant dialogue with Industry Associations and encourages initiatives for the growth of the industry. The Ministry also assists the industry in achieving their growth plans through support for policy initiatives, suitable interventions for restructuring of tariffs and trade, promotion of technological collaboration and up-gradation, and research & development activities etc. 

The Ministry of Heavy Industries is headed by a Secretary to the Government of India who is assisted by one Addl. Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, Sr. Economic Advisor, Directors/Deputy Secretaries/ Jt Dirs and a Technical Wing. The Ministry is also supported by Integrated Finance Wing headed by an Additional Secretary and Financial Adviser.

The actual strength of the officers/staff of the Ministry (as on 01-10-2021) in position is 148 against the overall sanctioned strength of 235 (Excluding Minister’s Office).     

Other Details
Role & Functions of the Ministry  [A].

The Ministry of Heavy industries is concerned with the development of the Heavy Engineering and Machine Tools Industry, Heavy Electrical Engineering Industry, and Automotive Industry and administers the following 29 Central Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) and their subsidiaries and four autonomous bodies.


1.Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd. (AYCL)
2.Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL)
3.BHEL Electrical Machines Ltd (BHEL-EML)
4.Bharat Pumps and compressors Ltd. (BPCL)
5.Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd. (HEC)
6.HMT Ltd.(Holding Company with Tractor Division)
7.HMT (Bearings ) Limited (a subsidiary of HMT)
8.HMT Watches (Subsidiary of HMT)
9.HMT Chinar Watches (a subsidiary of HMT)
10.HMT Machine Tools (a subsidiary of HMT)
11.Hindustan Cables Ltd.(HCL)
12.Instrumentation Ltd. Kota (IL)
13.Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd.(subsidiary of ILK)
14.Richardson & Cruddass (1972) Ltd.(R & C)
15.Scooters India Ltd.(SIL)
16.Tungabhadra Steel Products Ltd.(TSPL)


17.Cement Corporation of India Ltd.(CCI)
18.Hindustan paper Corporation Ltd.(HPC)
19.Hindustan Newsprint Limited (a subsidiary of HPC)
20.Hindustan Salts Ltd. (HSL)
21.Sambhar Salts Ltd. (SSL) (Subsidiary of HSL)
22.Hindustan Photo Films Manufacturing Co. Ltd.(HPF)
23.Nepa Limited (NEPA)
24.Nagaland Pulp and Paper company Ltd. (NPPCL)


25. Bridge & Roof Company (India) Ltd.
26. Engineering Projects (India) Ltd.(EPI)
27. HMT (International ) Limited (a subsidiary of HMT) 
28. Hooghly Printing company Limited (a subsidiary of AYCL)
29. Braithwaite Burn and Jessop (BBJ) construction Co. Ltd.

(iv)Autonomous Bodies

1. Fluid Control Research Institute (FCRI)
2. The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI),ARAI Forging Industry Division (ARAI-FID)
3. NATRIP Implementation Society (NATIS) for the implementation of National Automotive Testing and Research and Development Infrastructure Project (NATRiP)
4.Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI)[B]. The Industrial sectors allotted to the Ministry are:-(a) Heavy Engineering Equipment and Machine Tools Industry
(b) Heavy Electrical Engineering Industry
(c) Automotive Sector, including Tractors and Earth Moving Equipment 

20 Sub-sectors under the 3 broad sectors are as under:-
(i) Boilers
(ii) Cement Machinery
(iii) Dairy Machinery
(iv) Electrical Furnace
(v) Diesel Engines
(vi) Material Handling Equipment
(vii) Metallurgical Machinery including Steel Plant Equipment
(viii) Earthmoving and Mining Machinery
(ix) Machine Tools 
(x) Oil Field Equipment
(xi) Printing Machinery  (xii) Pulp and Paper Machinery
(xiii) Rubber Machinery
(xiv) Switchgear and Control Gear
(xv) Plastic Processing Machinery
(xvi) Sugar Machinery
(xvii) Turbines & Generator Set
(xviii) Transformers
(xix) Textile Machinery
(xx) Food Processing Machinery