Department Of Women’s Studies Uwo

By | January 13, 2022

Department Of Women’s Studies Uwo, Women’s Studies is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that focuses on issues of social justice and equality.  Our department’s expertise encapsulates a wide array of strengths across feminist theory and various feminist approaches to health studies, media studies, history, globalization and development studies, critical race theory, philosophy, law, writing studies and literature, and visual culture, as well as significant work in queer theory and sexuality studies.

In our teaching and scholarship we aim to cultivate engaged, informed, socially conscious citizens, able to constructively address issues of oppression, systemic and institutional disadvantage, and structures of privilege—often invisible—in local and global society.  We provide our students with the analytical and practical tools that enable them to engage critically and responsibly with the world, to interact respectfully with others, and to pursue a variety of career paths.

We are one of only a few units across the University recognized as a Department in both the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Social Science. Further, we have a rich network of Affiliate faculty members appointed in many other departments across Western who are integral members of our learning community. We also promote feminist scholarship through provision for resident scholars, a Distinguished Speakers Series, faculty colloquia, annual conferences (including a graduate conference, and Flaunting It!, our annual undergraduate conference on gender and sexuality). We also have an active and lively Women’s Studies Students’ Collective, which organizes talks and social events and annually publishes selected undergraduate essays in Tulips. 

We offer degree modules in Women’s Studies, Feminist Theory, Sexuality Studies, Gender, Sexuality and Culture, as well as Masters and PhD programs.


Why Women’s Studies?

Improve your skills in writing and critical thinking: excellent prep for professional schools (such as law, journalism and social work), but also for careers in education, public analysis and public relations

Focus on important issues that affect everyday lives of all people: join volunteer organizations and work with partners in the community to help make a difference Learn an Interdisciplinary approach: allows you to understand and analyze complex issues from a range of perspectives

Gain a sense of community: work on projects with other students connect with other organizations committed to gender and equity issues Learn from engaging and award-winning professors dedicated to student development: gain from a focus on student-centred learning

Learn in a small classroom setting: benefit from personal contact with your professors who are there to mentor you Develop your commitment to social justice: find out how to work towards social change and a world free of discrimination

Achieve personal and professional growth: understand yourself and your world in a new way

Engage in our specializations in feminist theory and sexuality studies

Our students are fantastic! we have enthusiastic, passionate, intelligent students who want to make a difference in the world