Department Of Water And Sanitation Western Cape

By | December 8, 2021

Department Of Water And Sanitation Western Cape, The Department of Water Affairs is the custodian of South Africa’s water and forestry resources. Its aim is to:

  • Ensure the availability and supply of water on a national level.
  • Ensure equitable and efficient provision of water services at local level.
  • To promote the sustainable forest management.

The Department is responsible for the formulation and implementation of policy governing these sectors.

While striving to ensure that all South Africans gain access to clean water and safe sanitation, the water sector also promotes effective and efficient water resources management to ensure sustainable economic and social development.

The forestry programme promotes the sustainable management of the country’s natural forest resources and commercial forestry for the lasting benefit of the nation.

Some of the projects and programmes that the Department is involved in are:

  • Community Water Fluoridation
  • Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Lesotho Highlands Water Project
  • South African River Health Programme (RHP)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for Water Use
  • Water Plan for the Western Cape
  • Working for Water Programme.

The primary services that are provided by the Department relate to:

  • dams, flows and floods
  • free basic water and sanitation
  • water use licensing and registration
  • sustainable development
  • sanitation
  • disaster management
  • cholera.