Department Of Water And Sanitation Hartbeespoort

By | December 9, 2021

Department Of Water And Sanitation Hartbeespoort, The mission of the Department of Water and Sanitation is to serve the people of South Africa by: making a positive impact on the country and its people as custodians of its water and sanitation resources, and as innovative and committed partners in the drive for sustainable development; being service- and delivery-orientated; leading its sector and enabling partners with the knowledge and capacity to ensure that all water services are delivered; being committed to innovation and using cutting-edge technology as a catalyst for positive change, connecting its people and enabling them to work anywhere, anytime; and having a heart that values its investment in its people.

The Department provides them with a caring and trusting environment that encourages personal development and is a breeding ground for talent.

The Department’s strategic goals are: to be an efficient, effective and development-orientated sector leader; equitable and sustainable provision of raw water; provision of equitable and sustainable water services of acceptable quantity and quality; and protection of freshwater ecosystems.

North West (Hartbeespoort)
WARMS Enquiries: Nemafhohoni Munaka 
Tel: (012) 253 1026
Cell: (071) 885 9829 
Fax: (012) 253 1905
Private Bag X352
E-mail: [email protected]