Department Of Water And Sanitation George

By | December 8, 2021

Department Of Water And Sanitation George, The George Municipality intends to appoint a contractor for the raising of the Garden Route dam wall and spillway by the end of this month‚ March 2018.

This is providing no appeals are received within the statutory 14-day appeal period after tender applicants have been notified of the adjudication outcome.

The completed raised dam wall and spillway will increase the storage capacity of the Garden Route Dam by about 25% to 12.5 million cubic metres‚ providing an overall increase of almost 11% to George’s total available raw water resources‚ according to the municipality.

The project will cost an estimated R25 million‚ of which R13.5 million was provided by the National Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) in 2010. The George Municipality will fund the shortfall‚ but there have been engagements with the national department to increase its funding contribution to allow for real construction cost escalation since the initial funds were granted.

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“Considering normal weather conditions‚ public and builders’ holidays and no major unforeseen circumstances‚ the construction period is estimated at 50 weeks to a year. Construction can go ahead with the dam at its current high level of 95%‚ but may require the use of a coffer dam as the construction of the spillway is directly affected‚” the municipality said.

The raising of the Garden Route Dam spillway has been part of the George Municipality’s bulk raw water resource plan since it was finalised in 2006 to address the city’s short‚ medium and long-term needs.