Department Of Water And Sanitation Cape Town

By | December 10, 2021

Department Of Water And Sanitation Cape Town, We provide all Cape Town’s residents, businesses, and industries with clean, safe drinking water and treat wastewater. This involves many diverse responsibilities ranging from the management of water catchments areas and water storage to the treatment of wastewater and its safe disposal back into the environment.

During a non-drought year, we supply about 900 000 m3 of water to customers daily – enough to fill Cape Town Stadium to its rooftop every two days or fill 360 Olympic sized swimming pools! Following the successful implementation of water restrictions, pressure management and the water saving efforts of Cape Town’s residents, we are currently supplying about 510 000 m³ of water to customers daily. 

Every month we read and bill from more than 650 000 water meters on city properties. Each year our maintenance teams provide approximately 8 500 new water connections and respond to 3000 pipe bursts.

Our other services include:

  • treating water to ensure that it is safe to drink
  • ensuring excellent quality of our water;
  • maintaining our water supply systems;
  • providing water and sanitation to informal settlements
  • saving and recycling water;
  • managing water catchment areas, rivers and stormwater systems; and
  • regulating water use and preventing pollution that threatens our water and stormwater system

We are responsible for servicing the water infrastructure in Cape Town, valued at R58 billion, including:

  • 3 major dams (Wemmerhoek, Steenbras Upper and Lower) and 8 smaller dams;
  • 12 water treatment works;
  • 25 bulk reservoirs;
  • 400 pump stations;
  • 23 wastewater treatment facilities;
  • 3 marine outfalls;
  • 38 maintenance depots; and
  • 20 000 km of pipes in the water and sewer reticulation network.

We work to the highest standards and have received a number of awards for providing some of the best drinking water in the country, the quality of our wastewater treatment, the lowest water losses of all metropolitan areas in the country, and the excellence of our systems. Watch our video or downloadWater Services and the Cape Town Urban Water Cycle to find out more about how we provide quality water and sanitation services to all.

We include

Bulk Water Branch
The Bulk Water Branch manages water catchment areas, storage dams, dam safety, water treatment and the conveyance of water in bulk water supply lines to reticulation networks.

Reticulation Branch
The Reticulation Branch distributes drinking water to consumers and conveys wastewater to treatment works through a network of pipelines, pump stations and reservoirs. They also convey treated effluent (recycled) water to large users and to collection points for construction and industrial contractors.

Wastewater Treatment Works Branch
Wastewater treatment works have the important job of treating used water (effluent) and making it safe before discharging it into the environment.

Water Demand Management and Strategy Branch
The Water Demand Management and Strategy Branch provide a planning service and is responsible for policy development (e.g. the Water Services Development Plan and the Water Conservation and Demand Management Strategy) and the development and enforcement of by-laws (e.g. the Water and Treated Effluent by-laws). The branch also coordinates water demand management programmes. quality management, awareness programmes (e.g. water conservation and sewer blockage education), information management and business reporting.

Engineering and Asset Management Branch
The Engineering and Asset Management Branch ensures the electrical and mechanical maintenance of the water and sanitation equipment and facilities. They also provide risk management, fleet management and health and safety services for the Water and Sanitation department.

Scientific Services Branch
The Scientific Services Branch ensures that our water quality is of excellent quality and in compliance with strict water quality checks as prescribed by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS). Scientific Services conducts vigorous testing of drinking water including chemical and microbiological analysis in accordance with SANS 241:2015. In addition, they test treated wastewater from wastewater treatment works, water from rivers and vleis, and perform air pollution testing.

Finance and Commercial Branch
The Finance and Commercial Branch’s functions include revenue management (including meter reading and billing), budgeting and accounting, and asset management.

Catchment, Stormwater and River Management Branch
The Catchment, Stormwater and River Management Branch is responsible for strategic planning for the City’s stormwater system, which includes the management of river systems and their drainage catchments in order to manage flood risk, improve water quality and optimise the harvesting of stormwater as a valuable water resource.

Support Services Branch
The Support Services Branch provides an administrative role to the Water and Sanitation Department including information management, record management, facilities management, the coordination of EPWP employees and provide communication and stakeholder management.

HR Business Partner Branch
The HR Business Partner Branch provides an administrative role to the Water and Sanitation Department which includes training and human relations support.