Department Of Trade And Industry Grants

By | December 10, 2021

Department Of Trade And Industry Grants, the dti provides financial support to qualifying companies in various sectors of the economy. Financial support is offered for various economic activities, including manufacturing, business competitiveness, export development and market access, as well as foreign direct investment.

Performance of Verification Procedures by Ernst and Young Incorporated for Incentive Schemes

Ernst and Young Incorporated have been appointed by the dti, to perform verification procedures on the various incentive schemes managed by the Industrial Development; Incentive Administration Division.

  • A Guide to the dti Incentive Schemes 2018/19;
  • The Path to Technology Commercialisation ;
  • Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliance requirements for Incentives.
    • Introduction of B-BBEE compliance requirements for Incentive Development and Administration Division (IDAD) Incentive Programmes;

the dti Incentive Schemes

  • 12I Tax Allowance;
  • Agro-Processing Support Scheme (APSS);
  • Aquaculture Development and Enhancement Programme (ADEP);
  • Automotive Investment Scheme (AIS);
  • Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles Automotive Investment Scheme (MHCV-AIS);
  • People-carrier Automotive Investment Scheme (P-AIS);
  • Urgent Notice: New Address for submission of AIS Documents;
  • Black Industrialists Scheme (BIS);
  • Business Process Services (BPS);
  • Capital Projects Feasibility Programme (CPFP);
  • Cluster Development Programme (CDP);
  • Critical Infrastructure Programme (CIP);
  • Clothing and Textiles Competitiveness Programme (CTCP) ;
  • Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA);
  • Film and Television Production Incentives:
    • Foreign Film and Television Production and Post-Production Incentive;
    • SA Film & TV Production and Co-production;
    • South African film and television production incentive;
    • The South African Emerging Black Filmmakers Incentive;
  • Global Business Services Incentive;
  • Incubation Support Programme (ISP);
  • Innovation and Technology Funding instruments;
  • Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP);
  • Manufacturing Investment Programme (MIP);
  • Production Incentive (PI) ;
  • Sector-Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS) ;
  • Shared Economic Infrastructure Facility (SEIF) ;
  • Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII) ;
  • Strategic Partnership Programme (SPP) ;
  • Technology and Human Resources for Industry Programme (THRIP);
  • Workplace Challenge Programme (WPC);