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By | December 14, 2021

Department Of Social Development Registered Creches, Early Childhood Development (ECD) refers to children from birth to nine years. An ECD centre can be a crèche, day care centre for young children, a playgroup, a pre-school or after school care.

To establish and register an early childhood development centre or to apply for changes to an existing registration certificate you must:

  • contact the office of the Department of Social Development nearest to the proposed centre
  • consult the local authority (municipality) to obtain the right of use and the necessary health clearance certificate to run the centre in a particular place
  • contact the local Departments of Education and Health in the area where the early childhood development centre is located to find out if they have any other requirements.

You can consult the Guidelines for Early Childhood Development Services [PDF] for more information on the requirements for such a centre.

About registering an early childhood development (ECD) facility

An early childhood development centre or a crèche is a place for the care of more than six pre-school children for part of the day or night. There must be an agreement between the crèche-owner and the parents or care=giver,
If you take care of more than six children (up to six years old) on behalf of their parents or caregivers during specific hours of the day or night, or for a temporary period, you can apply for the registration at your nearest department of social development or municipal office.

To establish or operate an ECD facility  the facility must be:

  • registered with the provincial government where the facility is situated
  • managed and maintained according to the Guidelines for Early Childhood Development Centres  
  • in compliance with the following national norms and standards:
    • a safe environment for children
    • proper care for sick children or children that become ill
    • adequate space and ventilation
    • safe drinking water
    • hygienic and equipped with toilet facilities
    • safe storage of anything that may be harmful to children
    • access to refuse disposal services or other adequate means of disposal of refuse generated at the facility
    • a hygienic area for the preparation of food for children
    • measures for the separation of children of different age groups
    • the drawing up of action plans for emergencies, and
    • the drawing up of policies and procedures regarding health care at the facility.

Partial care facilities which care for children with disabilities or chronic illnesses must:

  • be accessible to such children
  • provide facilities that meet the needs of such children
  • provide training to persons employed at the facility.

A partial care facility may qualify for funding from the department if it complies with the norms and standards, and if it is in a community where families lack the means to provide proper shelter, food and other basic necessities of life to their children.

What you should do

  1. Apply for the registration or conditional registration of a partial care facility / early childhood development (ECD) at your nearest department of social development or municipal office where you will be given Form 11 to complete.
  2. Your application must contain the following:
    • your particulars (identity number, address and telephone numbers)
    • the physical and postal address of the partial care facility
    • the number of children that will be accommodated by the facility
    • your qualifications, skills and experience
    • a description of the programmes and services to be offered, including the aims and objectives.
  3. Submit the following:
    • a business plan containing:
      • the business hours of the partial care facility
      • the fee structure
      • the day-care plan
      • the staff composition
      • the disciplinary policy
    • the constitution containing the:
      • name of the partial care facility
      • composition, powers and duties of the management
    • an original copy of the approved building plans
    • an emergency plan
    • a clearance certificate  
    • a health certificate from the local municipality.
  4. Continuous assessment visits by officials from the Department of Social Development and the municipality will be made to your facility.

How long does it take

It may take up to three months for your registration certificate to be issued.

How much does it cost

The service is free.

Forms to complete

Form 11 is available at your nearest department of social development or municipal office.

Who to contact

Department Of Social Development Registration al Development provincial offices contact list.