Department Of Social Development Bloemfontein

By | December 18, 2021

Department Of Social Development Bloemfontein, The mission of the Department of Social Development is to enable the poor, the vulnerable and the excluded within South African society to secure a better life for themselves, in partnership with them and with all those who are committed to building a caring society. 

Social Development

The service objectives of the Social Development Sub-Directorate are as follows:

  • To increase participation in sport and recreation and improve excellence, so that the level of antisocial behaviour is reduced and employment created.
  • To ensure that by 2010 communities are self reliant, proud and strong, the risks that face them have been reduced and women, youth, the aged and the disabled have been mainstreamed in society.
  • To ensure that by 2010 the standard of education in MANGAUNG has improved with a Grade 12 pass rate of 65%, literacy levels have risen by 10%, there is easy access to post school education and training opportunities at all levels, and MANGAUNG is recognised nationally as a centre for high quality learning.

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