Department Of Science And Technology Western Cape

By | December 14, 2021

Department Of Science And Technology Western Cape, the Department of Science and Technology aims to promote the development of science and technology through the enabling mechanism of the National System of Innovation (NSI). It strives towards introducing measures that put science and technology to work to make an impact on growth and development in a sustainable manner, in areas that matter to all the people of South Africa.

The Department’s objectives are:

  • To maximize the role of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) institutions in the National System of Innovation strategy.
  • To promote public awareness, appreciation, critical evaluation and understanding of SET.
  • To strengthen the role of the private sector in the NSI.
  • To manage the establishment of new institutional infrastructure.
  • To promote collaboration within the broader research community.
  • To promote partnerships and collaboration between South Africa’s research community and the international science and technology community.
  • To internationalise and brand South Africa’s SET capabilities.
  • To improve the quality and depth of SET statistical information.
  • To promote access to and utilisation of information as a strategic resource.
  • To advance information literacy to facilitate science literacy.

The Department’s activities include programmes in the following areas:

  • science and society
  • technology development
  • biotechnology
  • bilateral co-operation
  • multilateral co-operation
  • indigenous knowledge
  • information society.