Department Of Science And Technology Nanotechnology

By | December 14, 2021

Department Of Science And Technology Nanotechnology, In an increasingly competitive global economy marked by the technology divide between the developed and the developing worlds, it is even more urgent for science and technology to be a robust arbiter in advancing equitable human progress.

This started with the digital divide and recently biotechnology faced the broadly ill-prepared developing world. In the near future, Nanotechnology will because another technology-based divide. Known as the technology of the very small Nanotechnology will see an upsurge in a variety of handy and cost-effective new technological devices and systems built. The building block for this new technology wave is Nanoscience.

Nanoscience allows for the manipulation of matter at the atomic or molecular level resulting in materials and systems with drastically different physical, chemical, optical and biological properties.

Government believes that science and technology is pivotal for the country to successfully assuage unemployment, poverty, and underdevelopment, racial and gender inequities, among others.

Since the publication of the White Paper in 1996, Government has made varied strides towards accelerating the integral role played by science and technology beyond the realm of research and innovation.

We have been putting a multitude of practical measures that help position science and technology within the broader socio-economic imperatives of a country in transition and a country poised for excellence.

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