Department Of Science And Technology Mp

By | December 14, 2021

Department Of Science And Technology Mp, The Department of Science & Technology at Madhya Pradesh was established with a vision to improvise the Government Services to the Citizen of Madhya Pradesh by empowering the various State Level Department with latest technology service.

Department of Science & Technology takes the necessary measure for coordination and integration of Science & Technology platforms in Urban as well as Rural Areas through various State Level Programs & Mission.

Vision of MAPIT

To encourage and support Information Technology related activities in various State Government Department by providing Human Resources ,Consultation Services and  engaging Information Technology Industry experts for smooth implementation of the Information Technology based projects.

Vision of MPSEDC

To create visibility on the Global IT Map by strengthening & enhancing Madhya Pradesh’s position using IT and cyber space as an engine for rapid, inclusive and substantial growth and creating world class IT infrastructure to leverage Madhya Pradesh in the national economy.

Vision of MPCOST

To make Madhya Pradesh State with Secured natural resources, preserved cultural heritage and vibrant economy – ensuring quality services, robust infrastructure and sustainable livelihood through application of Science & Technology.


Mission of MAPIT

  • Providing IT solution to Govt Departments-including Consultancy, Software, Hardware, Networking and System Integration services.
  • To use IT for Good Governance.
  • To work as IT consultant of the state.
  • To ensure ready to use Workable Human Resource.
  • To provide IT & Mobile based applications solutions delivering citizen centric services.
  • To empower & facilitate Government organizations by providing Total IT solutions.

Mission of MPSEDC 

  • Attracting IT Industry in the state of Madhya Pradesh: The IT industry grew in tier I cities Due to congestion and infrastructural problems it has started looking at tier II cities for expanding operation and reducing cost. We intend to capitalise on this development and promote investment in Indore, Gwalior, Bhopal and Jabalpur.
  • Developing Common Infrastructure such as State Wide Area Network [SWAN], State Data Centre, Common service centres so that all the departments are able to utilize these services without bothering about the maintenance of these complex facilities to bring e-Governance services at the door step of the common citizen.
  • To propagate IT investment policy of the State.
  • To facilitate skill Gap Training.

Mission of MPCOST

  • To encourage the culture of creative research, invention, innovation and development among researchers & to promote and popularize Science and Technology  for upliftment of the Socio-economic status and Inculcating Scientific temper in the State’s civil society..


Objectives of MAPIT

  • To provide IT inputs to government departments/agencies and to assist them in computerisation and networking.
  • To co-ordinate with investors and industry,trade organizations and financial institutions in public and private sector so as to promote growth in the IT sector. 
  • To facilitate Human Resource Development in the field of IT in the Government.
  • To facilitate use of Hindi language in IT related projects.
  • To undertake any other function(s) as may be assigned by the State Government.
  • To Provide the Consultancy Services to the Government departments/agencies and to charge for the service, if necessitates.
  • To encourage Information Technology related activities and innovations in the state.
  • To undertake all works related to the promotion of Information Education & Communication and Usage of Information Technology (IT), Information Technology enabled Services (ITeS), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Electronics in the State.

Objectives of MPSEDC

  • To promote, establish and develop Information Technology ( IT)  / Information Technology Enabled Services (ITeS)  & Electronics ( EHM / ESDM ) Industries in the State of Madhya Pradesh.
  • To establish companies, associations for starting and taking over or conducting electronic industrial enterprises of any description; take over the management of electronic industrial units with a view to improving their working; to operate as agents of State Government in schemes designed to develop electronic industry in Madhya Pradesh or elsewhere.
  • To act generally as an industrial, management and financial and technical consultants and in particular to advise prospective entrepreneurs, concerns and corporate bodies assistance and service to them for the development of IT & ITES and electronics industries.
  • To promote use of IT and ITES in various Departments, Corporations, Companies, Societies, Boards etc. of Government of Madhya Pradesh. The scope would include Consultancy, Software Development, Hardware/Software procurement, Training, Testing, Networking, Recruitment of IT professionals and development of specified areas as Hardware and Software Technology Parks. The Corporation shall also involve itself in emerging areas in the field of Information Technology.

Objectives of MPCOST

  • To identify area in which Science and Technology can be utilized for achieving the socio-economic objectives of the State and in particular the objectives of tackling the problems of backwardness, unemployment and poverty in the rural areas and among the under-privileged sections of society such as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Landless Labour, Artisans, Small and Marginal Farmers and Women.
  • To initiate, support, promote and co-ordinate such research and development projects to the achievement of specific objectives and problems and assist in the fruitful exploitation of the natural resources of the state through various institutions and organizations in the state.
  • To establish or assist in the establishment of infrastructure (Institutions, Organizations etc.) necessary to science and technology to further the development efforts of the state.
  • To set up and manage documentation centres/library.
  • To prepare or assist in the preparation of Science and Technology plans and formulate research and development programmes; approve such programmes if received from other institutions and finance and/or aid such projects by means of grants, loans, supply of materials, provision of experts etc.
  • To promote the popularization of science spread, scientific temper and attitude among the people of the state and disseminate scientific knowledge by means of pamphlets, brochures, journals, books, films activity kits etc. and to organize seminar, symposium and conferences to promote science and technology.
  • To supplement the activities of the State Government in the field of Science & Technology.
  • To interact with other State Councils and National Science & Technology bodies with similar or related objectives.
  • To take other steps which are relevant to the application of Science and Technology to the problems of the State and to promote education in Science & Technology.
  • To institute prizes and awards for meritorious research and development work in Science and Technology.
  • Generally to take all such measures with the approval of the Council as are likely to accelerate the process of modernization in Madhya Pradesh through the use of Science and Technology inputs.