Department Of Science And Technology Eastern Cape

By | December 15, 2021

Department Of Science And Technology Eastern Cape, This programme mainly targets grades 6, 9 and 12 learners from disadvantaged schools in Nelson Mandela Bay but some outlying schools and other grades are also catered for. The programme includes hands-on fun experiments which are aligned to Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).

School group tours
The school group tours cater for all grades. Each visit lasts about three hours. These tours expose learners to the “why” and “how” of science through a variety of activities like science shows, workshops and interactive exhibits.

Education support programme
This programme is focused on grade 4 – 9 learners from all schools. Schools bring their learners to the centre where they experience the science and technology concepts introduced at school in a fun way by doing practical activities and using selected interactive exhibits. This programme is aligned to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy statement (CAPS).

Grade 11 revision
This revision programme targets grade 11 learners from disadvantaged schools. Learners selected by their schools come to the centre during the school holidays where they are offered additional lessons in mathematics and science in order to improve their final results and to equip them for grade 12.

Holiday programme
This programme caters for learners from ages 5 – 16 and it runs during the school holidays. This programme aims to educate learners while entertaining them. The learners get to explore science, technology and mathematics through fun interactive activities.

The R30 million Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre was launched in March 2013. Located in the heart of Uitenhage’s central business district, the centre is a ground-breaker in its own right, being the first standalone science centre not part of an institute of higher learning in the Eastern Cape.

Programmes at the centre are designed to build enthusiasm and an affinity for science, technology and mathematics through fun and interactive engagements. Here learners discover the daily applications of science, technology and mathematics in their communities. It is intended that learners should begin to see these subjects as fun and enjoyable with the hope that they will continue with them until the end of their high school years.

Besides these internal programmes, the centre offers schools and learners the opportunity to be exposed to science and technology initiatives such as SciFest, National Science Week, the FameLab Competition, as well as other science and career expos.

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