By | April 17, 2019

Department Of Rural Development And Land Reform Cape Town Contact Details, The Department of Rural Development and Land Affairs seeks to provide access to land and to extend land rights, with particular emphasis on previously disadvantaged communities.

The Department is responsible for land redistribution and for land planning.

Contact Information:

Street Address:14 Long Street, Cape Town, 8000 
Postal Address:14 Long Street, Cape Town, 8000


The mission of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform is to initiate, facilitate, coordinate, catalyse and implement an integrated rural development programme. 

The Department’s strategic objectives are: corporate governance and service excellence through compliance with the legal framework; land administration and spatial planning for integrated and sustainable growth and development, with a bias towards rural areas; equitable access to and sustainable use of land for development; improved rural services to support sustainable livelihoods; improved access to sustainable employment and skills development opportunities; promotion of economically, socially and environmentally viable rural enterprises and industries; and restoration of land rights.