Department Of Public Works Bhisho

By | January 19, 2022

Department Of Public Works Bhisho

Bhisho (formerly Bisho) is the capital of the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. The Office of the Premier, Provincial Legislature and many other government departments are headquartered in the town.

The town situated 3 kilometres away from King Williams Town and 70 kilometres away from East London is part of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality of the Eastern Cape.

The mission of the Eastern Cape Department of Public Works is to be a custodian of provincial government immovable assets and a provider of sustainable infrastructure, resulting in socio-economic reforms, sector transformation, and development.

The Department’s strategic goals are to promote sound corporate governance by providing continuous sound leadership in strategic and operational planning as well as monitoring and evaluation of the Department; improve management systems in order to offer efficient and effective services to client departments and the public by monitoring the annual audit plans and continually improving management systems, policies and procedures; lead transformation and development in the construction and property industries by ensuring that a percentage of departmental expenditure on infrastructure is procured through broad-based black economic empowerment; reduce poverty and unemployment by creating sustainable job opportunities; and ensure effective management of immovable and movable provincial assets by ensuring full implementation of the Government Immovable Asset Management Act (GIAMA).

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Department of Public Works And Infrastructure Head Office

Physical Address:
Qhasana Building, Independence Ave 5605,
Bhisho, Eastern Cape
Private Bag X0022
Tel: 040 602 4000
Fax: 0800 864 951
Call Centre: 0800 864 951
Email:¬†[email protected]

Facebook Page: Eastern Cape Department of Public Works