Department Of Public Enterprises Gujarat

By | December 14, 2021

Department Of Public Enterprises Gujarat, in their 52nd Report, the Estimates Committee of 3rd Lok Sabha (1962-67) stressed the need for setting up a centralized coordinating unit, which could also make continuous appraisal of the performance of public enterprises. This led to the setting up of the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) in 1965 in the Ministry of Finance. Subsequently, as a result of the reorganization of the Ministries/Departments of the Union Government in September, 1985, BPE was made part of the Ministry of Industry. In May, 1990, BPE was made a full-fledged Department known as the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE). Presently, it is part of the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises.

The Department of Public Enterprises is the nodal department for all the Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) and formulates policy pertaining to CPSEs. It lays down, in particular, policy guidelines on performance improvement and evaluation, autonomy and financial delegation and personnel management in CPSEs. It furthermore collects and maintains information in the form of a Public Enterprises Survey on several areas in respect of CPSEs.

In fulfilling its role, the Department Coordinates with other Ministries, CPSEs and concerned organizations. As per the Allocation of Business Rules of the Government, the following subjects have been allocated to the DPE:

  1. Residual work relating to erstwhile Bureau of Public Enterprises including Industrial Management Pool.
  2. Coordination of matters of general policy affecting all Public Sector Enterprises.
  3. Evaluation and monitoring the performance of Public Sector Enterprises, including the Memorandum of Understanding mechanism.
  4. Matters relating to Permanent Machinery of Arbitration for the Public Sector Enterprises.
  5. Counseling, training and rehabilitation of employees in Central Public Sector Undertakings under Voluntary Retirement Scheme.
  6. Review of capital projects and expenditure in Central Public Sector Enterprises.
  7. Measures aimed at improving performance of Central Public Sector Enterprises and other capacity building initiatives of Public Sector Enterprises.
  8. Rendering advice relating to revival, restructuring or closure of Public Sector Enterprises including the mechanisms therefor.
  9. Matters relating to Standing Conference of Public Enterprises.
  10. Matters relating to International Center for Public Enterprises.
  11. Categorisation of Central Public Sector Enterprises including conferring ‘Ratna’status.
  12. Survey of Public Enterprises

Department of Public Enterprises is headed by Secretary to the Government of India who is assisted by an establishment with an overall sanctioned strength of 122 officers/personnel.

Shri Anant G GeeteMinister of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises17623063598, 23061339, 2306178223062552————————-
Shri Devendra PatankarAddl. PS to Minister(HI&PE)17923063598, 23061339, 2306178223062552
Shri Nityanand Dattatray BhagwatAssistant PS to Minister(HI&PE)18023063598, 23061339, 2306178223062552
Shri Sunil V. Joshi1st PA to Minister(HI&PE)18023063598, 23061339, 230617822306255223736393
Personal Section of Minister(HI&PE)Personal Section of Minister(HI&PE)18123063598, 23061339, 2306178223062552
Shri Babul SupriyoMoS ( HI & PE)3623062676, 23062678, 2306159326111258, 23060584————————
Shri Vijay Kumar BidhuriPS to Minister of State (HI&PE)3623062676, 23062678, 2306159323060584
Shri Pinaki Ranjan SarkarAdditional PS to Minister of State (HI&PE)3623062676, 23062678, 2306159323060584
Shri Dharmendra KaushalAPS to Minister of State (HI&PE)3623062676, 23062678, 2306159323060584
Personal Section of Minister of State (HI&PE)36-C23062676, 23062678, 2306159323060584
Smt. Seema BahugunaSecretarysecy-dpe[at]nic[dot]in30524366171, 2436040224362613
Shri Harish ChandraSr. PPS30324366171, 24360402, 2436261324362613
Shri Jai Gopal SinghPS30324366171, 2436261324362613
Shri Subhash Chandra PandeySpecial Secretary & Financial Adviser244 UB23062756, 230621012306210124674936
Smt. AnupamaPPS244 – A UB23062756, 230621012306210124602357
Shri B. S. RawatPA23062756
Ms. Neelam KumarChief Controller of Accounts1262306204923215819
Shri A. M. ManichanUB23061745
Shri Kulvinder SinghUnder Secretary (Admin)38723061340
Budget, DHI23061208
Dr. Madhukar GuptaAdditional Secretarymadhukar_gupta[at]ksg06[dot]harvard[dot]edu401011-24360204243634119829058868
Sh. Predeep KumarPS4212436020424363411
Shri Rajesh K ChaudhryJoint Secretarychaudhry[dot]rk[at]nic[dot]in30224360672 243641932436419309530903714
Shri Rajesh KumarPA32224360672, 2436419324364193
Shri Agrim KaushalAdviser(PE)agrim[at]nic[dot]in40424360603243628760124-2461919
Shri Satish KumarPS42124360603
Shri S K GoyalAdviser(MoU)suresh[dot]goyal[at]nic[dot]in30424365841243658429818212366
Shri A F WilliemPPS32124365841243658427982623170
Shri R C GautamDy. Director General (DPE)rajendra[dot]gautam[at]gov[dot]in521243606249422318234
Shri Lalit K. ChawlaPA41724360624243658249958546803
Shri Lokesh BajpaiDirector (Mgmt)lokeshbajpai[dot]ofb[at]nic[dot]in4082436021824360218
Smt. Kalyani MishraDirector (PP)kalyani[dot]mishra[at]nic[dot]in4092436206126898848, 9810858309
Shri Saibal SarkarDirector (Survey)saibal[dot]sarkar[at]nic[dot]in307243608419312367963
Shri Amit RastogiDirector (MoU)rastogi[dot]amit[at]gov[dot]in410011-2436 07369422240300
Shri B.N. MishraDirector(Admin)mishra[dot]bn[at]nic[dot]in31524367792, 243620580120-4542031 9868839779
Shri Rajesh BahadurSr. Technical Director (HOG/NIC)rajesh[dot]b[at]nic[dot]in25324361483
Shri Subhendu Dey ChoudhurySr. Technical Director (HOD/NIC)subhendu[at]nic[dot]in253243614839968307612
Shri U.K. SwamyTechnical Director (NIC)uks[at]nic[dot]in253243614839968563674
Shri A. K. KhuranaDirector(Wage)akkhurana[dot]icoas[at]nic[dot]in308243627709811181167
Shri P. K. SharmaDy. Secretarypk[dot]sharma[dot]ship[at]nic[dot]in40324363066
Shri Kailash BhandariDy. Director (Mgmt)kailash[dot]bhandari[at]nic[dot]in4162436624722759436
Shri Rajesh PuriDy. Director (GM)rpuri[at]nic[dot]in418243612209350126728
Shri Samsul HaqueUnder Secretary (Wage)samsul[dot]haque[at]nic[dot]in42424360823
Shri Rakesh KakkarDy. Director (Survey)kakkar3k[dot]icoas[at]nic[dot]in528243626719971088665
Smt. Surekha BindraDy. Director (OL)surekha[dot]bindra[at]nic[dot]in419243641919810688626
Shri Pradeep KumarSection Officer (Admin)pradeep[dot]k76[at]nic[dot]in4142436288309728424046
Sh. Neeraj VermaAssistant Director (Wage)neeraj[dot]verma[at]nic[dot]in318243641929891929166
Shri Mahamaya Prasad SinghAssistant Director (OL)mp[dot]singh63[at]nic[dot]in412243641919868241629
Shri Vijay Kumar DarakAssistant Director (MoU)vijay[dot]darak[at]gov[dot]in427243637207428788787
Smt. Anupama SharmaAssistant Director (P&P)/CSRanup[dot]79[at]nic[dot]in419-A24361220
Shri Kranti KumarAssistant Director (Mgmt)kranti[dot]kumar84[at]gov[dot]in316243628778882148515
Shri A. V. Siva Prasad ReddyAssistant Director (Survey)siva[dot]prasad[at]nic[dot]in528243626717678669733
Sh. GorishankarAssistant Director (MoU)chachan[dot]gs[at]nic[dot]in427243637207011531244
Shri Satish KumarParliament Assistant414243628839810581596
Shri Madan MohanConsultant (CSR)317243628779891883312
Shri Pramod KumarConsultant (VRS)41624366247
Shri Tej Pal SinghConsultant(Survey)522965464696924675275

Working Hours: 9:00 AM to 05:30 PM : MON – FRI