Department Of Higher Education And Training Indlela

By | December 13, 2021

The purpose of the Skills Development branch is to promote and monitor the national skills development strategy.

Further, it is responsible for developing and implementing appropriate legislation and policies for a sustained quality and accessible post-school education and training system.


The strategic objectives for this branch are:

  • To provide a dynamic interface between the workplace and learning institutions and to promote quality learning at work and for work
  • To promote alignment of skills development outputs to the needs of the workplace and to the broader growth needs of the country’s economy
  • Provide funds to support projects that are national priorities in the national skills development strategy that advance the human resource development strategy of South Africa and that support the national skills authority in its work.

Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) Coordination Directorate

This Directorate is responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining a definitive list of scarce and critical skills and publishing an annual report on the state of skills
  • Developing and communicating regulations for skills planning​​​​
    • Developing and implementing a plan for national skills development planning and support
    • Maintaining and updating an accurate and accessible Organising Framework for Occupations list
    • Ensure that Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation planning and reporting is effectively developed and implemented in alignment with Departmental requirements and is used to monitor and evaluate the current National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) implementation
    • Developing and implementing a branch management information system in alignment with Departmental requirements to facilitate the provision of performance information to staff, institutions, learners and citizens
    • Developing a centralised contract information management system for learner training schemes, interfacing with SETA systems
    • Managing annual Service Level Agreements between the department and the SETAs and monitoring them in line with the SLA regulation
    • Developing and reviewing skills development legislation, regulations, policies, systems and guideline
    • ​Developing and aligning Sector Skills Plans to the current National Skills Development Strategy
    • Monitoring and promoting the effective implementation of transformative social inclusion and cohesion policies throughout the skills development sector.​