Department of GCIS Publications

By | December 7, 2021

Chief Director: Tyrone Seale
Tel: 012 473 0324
Email: [email protected]

This Chief Directorate comprises four directorates that are responsible for a range of communication platforms created and operated by the Government Communication and Information System.

These platforms are part of our commitment to keeping South Africans and stakeholders elsewhere informed about the policies and activities of government and the opportunities arising from these programmes for citizens, businesses and other partners.

The Chief Directorate Products and Platforms comprises four directorates:

  • Vuk’uzenzele (SA Government Newspaper)
  • Content Development
  • Digital Media
  • News Service (

Directorate: Vuk’uzenzele (SA Government newspaper)

Director: Irene Naidoo
Tel: 012 473 0103
Email: [email protected]

The Directorate is responsible for the production of Vuk’uzenzele, GovComms (a quarterly newsletter) and Public Sector Manager (PSM) magazine .
Vuk’uzenzele is a government newspaper that focuses on communicating government programmes and policies including socio-economic opportunities created by government programmes, and how to access these opportunities.

The newspaper covers among others:

  • government service-delivery projects
  • practical information on how to access these opportunities created by government programmes
  • government programmes and campaigns in all spheres of government
  • updates and developments on the five key priorities of  government including the Infrastructure Development Programme
  • community development initiatives
  • public-private partnership campaigns
  • carries paid-for public sector recruitment vacancies, tender and notices
  • international relations and perspective features
  • sport and light entertaining features.

It has a print run of 850 000 copies per edition and is distributed in all nine provinces, in large part door-to-door in deep rural, rural and peri-urban areas.

The newspaper is partly published in all official languages. It is a free publication published twice a month on the 1st and the 15th of each month with exception of December and January which is published as one combined edition.  It now carries paid-for public sector vacancies, tenders and notices.

The newspaper is also published in Braille for the visually-impaired groups and individuals with the web-version of the newspaper available through the website catering for those with access to the internet. The newspaper can also be accessed by downloading the VukApp on mobile phones. 

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The directorate works closely with internal services like the South African Government News Agency, Marketing and Distribution, Research and Knowledge Management, Cluster Coordination and Content Development Units. It also has extensive contact with different government departments and state-owned enterprises on campaigns and current news.

The PSM magazine, which is published on monthly, is aimed at middle and senior managers in the public sector. It is intended to meet the information needs of managers in government, state-owned enterprises and Chapter 9 Institutions.  The core focus of the magazine is to showcase the good work that is produced by the workforce in the public sector.  It also serves as a platform through which to share knowledge and best practices and innovations within the public sector.  The magazine is the only one of its kind catering for public sector/government managers and is published under the pay-off line: The magazine for public sector decision-makers.

The magazine carries and features among others:

  • articles and information on various topics including some of today’s most pressing public sector topics, from human capital and technology to finance and procurement
  • columnists, need-to-know features, interviews with political principals and senior public sector officials, profiles of government and public sector executives, examples of public sector innovation and some lifestyle articles
  • lifestyle articles include business travel, leisure travel, vehicles, food and drink, style, real estate and health
  • latest conferences and exhibitions including other significant upcoming events in the public sector.

Deputy Director: News editor: Vuk’uzenzele
Noluthando Motswai
Tel: 012 473 0210
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Director: News editor: Public Sector Manager magazine
Irene Naidoo
Tel: 012 473 0103
Email: [email protected]

Directorate: Content Development

Directorate: Content Development

Director: Elias Tibane 
Tel: 012 473 0069
Email: [email protected]

The Directorate: Content Development provides writing, editing, proofreading and translation services. It is responsible for the production of two online publications, South Africa Yearbook and Official Guide to South Africa, which are updated annually. It also provides editorial services for ad hoc print products in support of major official events such as the State of the Nation Address and National Orders.

Deputy Director: Editor – South Africa Yearbook and Editorial Services
Miriam Mokoena
Tel: 012 473 0089
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Director: Translation Services
Nomgcibelo Motha
Tel: 012 473 0211
Email: [email protected]


Directorate: Digital Media

Director: Vienie Botha
Tel: 012 473 0174
Email: [email protected]

The functions of Digital Media are:

  • updating the and Government Communication and Information websites
  • maintaining the SA Government mobile app
  • updating the,, social media accounts
  • assisting other government departments in maintaining their digital media.

Deputy Director: Websites
Estelle Greeff
Tel: 012 473 0078
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Director: Social Media
Senzeni Ngubane
Tel: 012 473 0270
Email: [email protected]

Directorate: News Service

Director: Roze Moodley
Tel: 012 473 0213
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Director: Chief Sub-Editor – Matona Fatman
Tel: 012 473 0176
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Director: Chief Sub-Editor – Seshnee Moonsamy
Tel: 012 473 0278
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Director: News Editor – Janine Arcangeli
Tel: 012 473 0112
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The purpose of the News Service is to gather and write government news to supply to the media locally and abroad.

The function of the News Service is to develop daily online news in collaboration with ministries to provide media with easy access to fresh government news and information at no cost.

Government departments can send press information to: [email protected].