David Jacobs Department of GCIS

By | December 6, 2021

David Jacobs Department of GCIS, Government departments are clustered according to key priorities to encourage integrated planning, effective decision-making, information-sharing and sound intergovernmental relations. There are five government clusters, each led by Ministers. Directors-General are also Clustered accordingly.

The Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) coordinates the communication clusters that comprises of the Heads of Communication of relevant national departments that form part of the specific cluster, joined by a supporting team from the GCIS. The communication cluster accounts to the respective Directors-General (DGs) cluster.

The role of the Chief Directorate is to:

  • ensure that government communication is aligned, integrated and responsive to the immediate communication and information needs of the cluster
  • ensure that communication clusters coordinate and plan communication, identify new platforms and communication opportunities, and design communication programmes and campaigns
  • assess and plan for issues arising from Cabinet, and the DGs’ clusters, GCIS EXCO and the Government Rapid Response System
  • ensure regular engagements with Government Communicators for the purpose of planning and review (e.g. Fora, communication cluster meetings, project planning meetings, etc.)

Director (Economic Sectors, Employment and Infrastructure Development; Justice, Crime Prevention and Security; International Cooperation, Trade and Security)

Ms Yolisa Blom
Tel: 012 473 0318
Email: [email protected]

Secretary: Ms Sheila Papo (Central contact for all requests) 
Tel: 012 473 0281
Email: [email protected] role of the Directorate is to:

  •  manage the coordination of communication clusters
  • provide strategic communication support and advice to clusters and departments on their campaigns, programmes and projects
  • ensure that cluster communication programmes are conceptualised, planned, implemented and reported through the cluster coordinators and project managers
  • facilitate the development of communication strategies for clusters, departments and campaigns through the cluster coordinators 
  • review communication strategies to ensure alignment to the National Communication Strategy
  • coordinate engagements with communicators (e.g. Fora, communication cluster meetings, project planning meetings, etc.)
  • coordinate a communication planning grid for Clusters

Economic Sectors, Employment and Infrastructure Development Cluster

Cluster Coordinator:
Mr Themba Thobela
Cell: 076 095 6555
Tel: 012 473 0279
Email: [email protected]

Project Manager: 
Mr Josias Pila 
Cell: 078 733 9709
Tel: 012 473 0393
Email: [email protected]


Cluster Coordinator: 
Ms Thabisile Dlomo
Tel: 012 473 0178
Cell: 083 495 6000
Email: [email protected]

Project Manager: Vacant 


Cluster Coordinator: 
Ms Shadi Puoane
Tel: 012 473 0280
Cell: 083 422 8230
Email: [email protected]

Project Manager:
Mr Mndeni Ndwandwe 
Tel: 012 473 0181
Cell: 072 570 4398
Email: [email protected]