Csr Guidelines Issued By Department Of Public Enterprises

By | December 13, 2021

Csr Guidelines Issued By Department Of Public Enterprises, One of the recommendations which emerged from the CPSEs Conclave held in April 2018 was related to utilization of CSR funds in a focussed manner towards national priorities by adopting a theme based approach every year.

Detailed deliberations on this recommendation were held subsequently by Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) with CPSEs, select Ministries/Departments, NlTl Aayog and the Committee of Secretaries. Based on the deliberations, the Competent Authority has approved the following course of actions for undertaking CSR activities by Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSES).

A common theme may be identified for each year for undertaking CSR by CPSES.

(ii) For the current year 2018-19, school education and health care may be taken up as the theme for focussed intervention.

(iii) CSR expenditure for thematic programme should be around 60% of annual CSR expenditure of CPSES.

(iv) Aspirational Districts may be given preference. (A list of 112 Aspirational Districts as identified by NlTl Aayog is attached at Annexure-l).

(v) The annual theme for the future will be decided by the Competent Authority separately.